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Hi!Hows life going on recently? Do not give up if you're facing some problems.. Be thankful and appreciate of what you have now.. Handle all your worries unto Jesus! He'll guide and guard you through it for He is AWESOME... Trust in Him and He shall LEAD you through it.. Be Happy Always!! Live in Joy!! Have a Blessed Day...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

i'm back...

finally..i m posting somethg...n got my laptop back..but now need 2 do QA assignment part B..

however, i wil try 2 post as many post i week going to Pulau Redang, Genting & KL wif family..i will brinng my laptop there..hehehe...and post blog so tat all of u can see da beauty of Pulau Redang...for your info,it was a package with

  1. 4 meals (Breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner)

  2. Acommodation

  3. activities (snookling, BBQ at beach, karaoke)

others not so will see in da post happy tat i'm gonna meet my nephew & niece again..also,can haf fun...duno how does it look like..perhaps somethingg like these:

I'm not sure sis tel me tat da resort we goin in da one Richie Ren shoot da movie i guess will be very nice...looking forward 2 go there...but I gt flu n sore throat sickening..hop can recover thn can haf alot of fun...

Thursday, May 10, 2007


My laptop hardisk I cant post blog that often..sorry ya...actually I feel so bad because I need to spend my mum's money again to get a new's extra expenditure.. =(

I haf set friend test questions but unfortunately when I wanna submit, my laptop goes crazy and I didnt make geram!! "Qi si wo le!!!"

On Tuesday evening, we got our accounting for success tutorial..after that, ah yieng,eric, shirley,stewart & me went out for supper..Eric & ah yieng havent haf their 1st we wanna go Taipei 101 but when we reached there, they wanna close the shop we went 2 3rd mile Siang siang..We called Avery out but he refused to..when say wanna call Aldrin then someone said no need cos he got somethg or didnt call..then stewart nobody answer hp..onli when we wanna change venue then he answered the hp..keith did call but also didnt answer the hp...when we r near 3rd mile,I thought of Johnson but someone said that he wont come out so didnt call him..

Sorry Aldrin & Johnson..not purposely dun wanna call u guys out..

oh yea!when we get into eric's car,ah yieng suddenly start wif the Ooops thg that Avery always do..then Shirley add the end everyone was playing wif da Ooops stuffs..before we went back, we met someone...u know who...dun wanna mention da name..

then last night,we went out for supper too..same place..this time we haf Johnson,Aldrin,Keith,Avery,Stewart,Eric & me..Eric ordered Japanese food whereas the rest ordered claypot curry laksa...then like usual,we talk and joke around..then go home...

*today's da 1st meeting of Yoga Club...Ms President >>>Jacqueline Kuek. There will be a meeting too 2moro 530-630pm..interested?jux join..

*sob week presentation and do nothing yet...

DUN FORGET!!!Choir Practice 2moro:1230-230pm...see ya all there...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


sorry friends...I didn't update my blog because of some assignments and also tests..apart from that I was busy practicing for Swinburne Night performances..I cant deny that it was a success that night (last saturday)...Congrate *Silent mode...Keep It Up with your music talent!!I think I don't have to post it up because I think my friends have done a good job about it..You can check it out from Avery, Aldrin, Johnson

Yesterday I went to camp permai for day trip with my family and also GB (Girls' Brigade)..But for your info, the day before that, I had my stomach ache again..Haiz~ I was not in a mood to go camp permai but just go seems nobody at home..At first I was quite okay when we reach there..happy because can go beach although I cant go swimming..I love to listen to the wave when it reaches the gives me a peace and calm feeling..

We rent a cabin and plan to walk to the cabin from the registration I walked pass a tree, a bee suddenly stings kena just below my right eye..and I had a swollen right eye now..a little bit more then I will be blind and can never see the world with my right eye anymore..*sigh~ now still swollen..wonder when will it healed...

oh ya..talking about beach..oh my!I love beach so much..the moment I stepped on the sand, I feel so soft and warm...Finally it's not the hard ground..also, the sound of wave was so calming not like the horns and engine's sound heard in our daily life..that's the reason I love beach so much..somebody just do not understand...

after that, I went to the cinema with my youth friends to watch SPIDERMAN3...guess wad?the movie starts at 2am..and finish at around 430am..oh man!!the sound effect was terrible!!it makes the whole movie sounds terrible..sekejap the sound jump to higher pitch then sekejap low..and the story line was quite boring for me la..i mean at 1st Peter and Harry fight then Harry lost memory..there was a sand guy that wanna get money to save her daughter..that guy killed Pete's uncle..when Pete's a black spiderman..he was nasty, no mercy...just watch then you will know..the story was complicated..

after the movie. we went to petanak for breakfast before goin home..but everyone's like panda bear..tired and sleepy...I ate a dollar of "Yu Cha Kueh"..reached home straight away sleep like pig till this afternoon 1pm something..

today's my brother's birthday..Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!Mum bought him a cheese cake..quite nice..and I do not have any cake during my birthday...I mean from my family...*sigh~
luckily I have my friends to celebrate with me...thanx Aldrin, Avery, Ah Yieng, Laura(unexpected cos parents usually dun allow), Stewart(unexpected cos in Sri Aman), Keith, Eric,
Johnson, Jonathan..Jordan didnt turn up but he did call birthday was always been forgotten..haiz~

I received e-mails that I am becoming a peer tutor for foundation accounting...I got 5 students under me..Happy in a sense that I got extra pocket money but worry in a sense that I cant encounter them..I worry that I am not good enough to teach them..scare that when they ask questions then I cannot looking for the right time to give peer tutoring..Hope I can make it..