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Hi!Hows life going on recently? Do not give up if you're facing some problems.. Be thankful and appreciate of what you have now.. Handle all your worries unto Jesus! He'll guide and guard you through it for He is AWESOME... Trust in Him and He shall LEAD you through it.. Be Happy Always!! Live in Joy!! Have a Blessed Day...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rich weekend...

This weekend, our chuch had a praise & worship + pianist training sessions..The New Heart Ministry were invited to train us..The training starts on saturday noon till sunday evening..WOW!!I really learnt alot..thanks God for giving this opportunity...I learnt alot of playing style for piano and synthesizer in a worship team as well as leading the congregation in a worship..but still I need alot of practise..also continuous to upgrade myself...Worship Lord is great!!

This are people who attend..

For your information, New Heart Ministry is an America praise & worship team..they provide training sessions and also compose their own album..

Back to reality...Tomorrow is mid semester break..I have 2 assignments to be done in the coming week and also Law in Global Business test after the stress...I duno how to start everything..Hope that I really can finish everything in time...

Friday, April 13, 2007

2moro accounting test lor...

2moro aldrin, avery, eric, keith, stewart, jordan them are goin for badminton again..recently i dun join for last week go 'cheng beng' and 2moro got accounting has been quite long since i play badminton da last time..nw so worried for my test...because dun reli haf confident..and always make careless the way i havent finish my revision...i started to doubt if i make the right choice major in accounting..haiz~

*Ah Yieng,Shirley,Jacqueline and others..Gambateh!!All the best..

2day's life was quite dull and like usual..jux kinda bored and lonely...I duno wad my life's like nw..I feel tat everyday jux passed like tat..go university study,meet frens thn come back..someitmes jux alone when everyone duno disappear where...actually starting from tis semester, my life was like tat..I dun really haf mood lor..mayb because of some changes..kinda sien wif my current life..I dun really tell people bout tis for I guess no one is interested and nobody cares so much too...sometimes i wonder wad would i be after few years studying in Swinburne??

Swinburne Night coming soon..Look forward for tat night for never been to Swinburne Night before...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Finally QA test over..but coming up more..

I was so forgetfull 2day..i forgot 2 bring my graphic calculator to university and I've QA test..I was so blur...guess wad?I left my graphic calculator at home (beside my laptop) and I didnt put into my bag..I thought I've put in..Lastly, I borrow from Johnson..I went into the auditorium..get the paper and on the calculator..John wrote something:

Judieth,pray arr..dont be

i wana laugh but no..thn I pray and start doin my test..4pm..I finally finished my test..feel so relieve because test is over..well,I dun really like maths as u all knw...hehehe...

When I went to library,I was told by Johnson or who that our choir blog has been spammed by somebody..then i go read lor..its really rude lor that person jux wrote us like that..of course got feel hurt la..however,hafta take the critics for that will help us to improve..that person didnt put his real name but using 'outsider' as the display name..I really hope that person come and see our choir before he criticise us further..I know that we may not be very good but we are trying our best to improve ourselves and be the best..Dont worry choir members..I believe that we can improve and prove to people that we can do it..we need time lor..time can prove everything...Jia You oh!!Dont gif up...Bless you all...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

1st test 2moro...

tomorrow I wil haf my 1st mid-term test...and its Quatitative Analysis...Oh man!!u know wad?my maths is so terrible and horrible..I always do careless mistake and sometimes misinterperate the questions again..actually can get good marks but ended up here deduct marks there deduct marks..honestly,I dont really listen in the class because I m not really interested in the way, I need time 2 digest all the formulae and how 2 get the answer all brain really work very slow when come to maths..Also, I pass my stuffs to Jacqueline and she passed to Shirley..Shirley brought everything home and I dont haf the book to study my Quantitative Analysis now..Oh GOsh!!I cant imagine how wil I do the questions 2moro..However, I will do my best 2 pass my test and get good marks in order not to disappoint myself and my parents who paid the fees..Buddies (Shirley,Ah Yieng,Jacqueline...), Gambateh!!We Can Make It!!!As for my engineering frens...Dont disappointed..Wish U all the best in your mid-term tests too!!!I believe you all can make it through...Jia You!Jia You!Jia You!

My schedule for April:
14/4 Accounting for success test
14-16/4 Training (Praise & Worship)
week 9 Marketing major assignment due
Law in global business test
Quantitative Analysis(Part A) assignment due

I cant imagine my life for the next 2 weeks..I really need extra strength and wisdom to get hold of all the above...I scare I cant handle them well..I m really worried about my studies..I was not good..I scare I cant do well..

Recently I felt that relationship wif frens like further liao...I dunno how to explain..perhaps everyone is busy wif their own matters and dont really haf time to realise the people around..sometimes I really felt left out..I know everyone haf their own life...and also their own way of living it..


World are changing as well as human...Human always change...Some change into really horrible person..

No matter how people change,life stil goes, I wanna live my live to the Fullest!!In our human life, we always walk alone..Just that along the way, there are people that jump in and then leave your life..Cannot rely too much on people for they are going to leave you also..thats why we always walk alone in our life..

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A nice day but also a day nearer to mid-term test...

Recently i lose my voice and always coughing that makes me really fed up..Its so suffering that I cant even concentrate in whatever thing i do..I was sick for da whole week..The medcine I ate doesnt seem effective for I am stil coughing now and my voice sound so horrible..

Its EASTER DAY...Jesus is Risen from the dead on this day...I went to church in the morning...the reverance shared that actually there are no proves that proved Jesus ressurection was fake...evidence from some historical books or famous author wrote that..This was still a mystery to the non-believers..after church, we all have an easter egg each..its a real chicken egg that is cooked..I love eggs..As usual,I went for disciple class in the noon and learnt alot about God made deals with us human in the past in order to give us blessings...We wil be blessed if we follow and obey the deals made...In the evening, I go to Lions Nursing Home with my youth and some adults..We sings 2 songs and distribute Easter egg and some gifts to the elders there..I can see through their eyes that they really need love and also listener..

*Youngsters,Love yours elders and serve them well..You will receive blessings from God..

Mid-term test coming soon...I was not ready yet...not even started my nervous lar...I got Quantity analysis on wednesday and accounting for success on saturday...after the break i got Law in global business test and also due date for my marketing major assignment report(30%) & QA part A assignment...May God have mercy on me that i can finish my revision as well as my assignments in time...