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Hi!Hows life going on recently? Do not give up if you're facing some problems.. Be thankful and appreciate of what you have now.. Handle all your worries unto Jesus! He'll guide and guard you through it for He is AWESOME... Trust in Him and He shall LEAD you through it.. Be Happy Always!! Live in Joy!! Have a Blessed Day...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I never got my chance...It's too late...

we are singing of some church songs n hyms and some bible verse and also pray for her...Tis was a sharing from a church member about someone jux pass away...

This reminds me of my grandma...Wen I was in form 2, my grandma was sick and she came 2 Kuching 4 checkup and was proven by doctor that she gt cancer...I was sad at tat time...I dun reli take care of her because I got test and tuition...However, I go to hospital everyday to see if she gets well..but she gets worse...thn my aunt from Singapore suddenly appear at my house saying her passport favourite aunt for she loves me so much..owes gif me wad i wan wen i was a little gal...i oso din spend much time wif her and I was reli reli regret..

My grandma was send 2 hospital for treatment..she is so old (80+) and is a heart attack patient..imagine tat she has to go through da painful 1st she cried painful..thn she started blur and at da end no reaction..she wanted to go back 2 Sibu but cannot cos plane dun allow, helicopter cannot cos wori she got heart attack..

Day by day, she became weaker and weaker..Doctor says jux ask everyone 2 come and see her for da last time..I remember very well tat evening we are in da room..we sing some church songs..we knew she can hear us..pastor come and pray 4 her..we knew tat she was waiting 4 my youngest twin onli 1 gets here cos da others gt test and no youngest cousin read bible verse to her and we sing some songs..thn she was heavenly Father..

after tat was our school long holiday..we went to Siar beach for holidays for my cousins all come was a month after my grandma passed away..on da way back 2 Kuching?we got a phone was a bad aunt pass away..i was so sad at tat time..I was stil missing my grandma and yet my aunt pass away again..mum was thinking of bringing me 2 singapore and take care of her..but I never get da chance..I was so regret tat I din care bout her much wen she came..she's jux like knowing tat she's gonna leave soon and jx come back and see us...

Tat was a very bad year for me...I lost 2 close keen in 2 months...My life changed after tat..

*Appreciate people around you before losing them..Show and tell them your love before its too late..Or else you wil regret..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

During da marketing lecture, da lecturer scolded a student and after da class da student go and talk 2 da lecture and da conversation was bad...y wana argue wif da lecturer tat is goin 2 mark our major assignment?

Wen i haf my lunch, I gt a phone call tat ask me to teach da lecturers to sing...oh gosh!!I went in and so paiseh til i nervous la...Mr. Ee, who was my tutor oso blushing whereas Mrs.Su was shock see me there..She din blieve tat I wil b there b4 tat (during her lecture) they reli sing well..their voice was nice...jux tat they onli haf 7 males...can u imagine? sound lor cos paiseh oso..hehehe...

me and ah yieng waited 4 da engineering students and go out 2 buy gifts..we went to hock 1st we reli walk up and down but stil cnt find anythg for tat birthday person..thn ah yieng and I went in a shop which was on sales wif jordan..we chose da same dress bt different size and try..i reli like tat dress..its RM139..but dun 50% discount..but i gt no money 2 buy oso..hahaha...

I gt a fren online 4 awhile n tel me tat he dun thk he can stop smoking..i was reli reli disappointed..i know life is complicated..but y mux choose smoking? He mite gone through reli hard time tat no one understand but tis is not da way of giving up life...cannot reveal who's tat person..its reli sad 2 see people change and like gif up everything..sigh~
Next week is very important to all christian..God's great love was shown on da cross for he die for all of us (sinners in da world) so tat we can receive eternal life..
*Dun forget to go for maundy thurs for holy communion,Good Friday service and oso Easter Sunday...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Jux now went out wif Francis, Yiew Foo...Suppose to b Irene (last minute go church play piano), Ah Yieng (say tired at home thn someone pick her up and meet us), Francis, Yiew Foo and I... We went to waterfront for a walk thn go Bombastic for our dinner...Da food there was not bad..Thn go Jln Song and Yiew Foo bought 2 DVD...after tat we went to da friendship park again..3 of us waiting for ah yieng but she was at da frenship park...we walk and talk...Francis and I walked on da rock path for many rounds but ah yieng, Yiew Foo and Ee Sing like so slow and complaint painful la...quite nice lor cos long time din c and talk, especially Yiew Foo and Francis...We knew one another in foundation semester 1..thanx guys for coming out...

*We mux appreciate wad we haf...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a day is today....

Today is da new Foundation/Diploma March intake usual, Choir is performing..jux tat more new students compare to Jan intake..Before the performance, everyone was nervous i guess..take a look at these:

DURING THE PERFORMANCE!!!Look professional rite?

I was so wori for my members for cant get da tune rite...reli sweat...but we all did reli well...Me myself was surprise too...though some parts we dun do tat gud but its still gud..I owes believe tat they can do they did it...


See all the nice pretty and handsome smile after the performance...We are happy because we finish performing and there are alot of people who are interested to join our big family(choir)..

*Honestly...I love tis big family...

Also, dun forget that today is Shirley's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY!!! All of us gathered at her house round 8pm...the people who attended are:

  • Laura
  • Aldrin
  • Eric
  • Keith
  • Stewart
  • Thomas
  • Jacqueline
  • Johnson
  • Ah Yieng
  • ME...
Laura went back early...after the cake cutting...the others stay back and we played a few nice games...The games we played are:
  • Symbol game wif everyone haf their own symbol (Keith won tis..)
  • Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng....(Ee Sing won...tis is reli fun!try it..)
  • Hand tapping (Aldrin won tis..Oh man!!reli hafta concentrate wen u play tis la..)
  • Murderer (da murderer kill by blinking eyes to citizens and police hafta find out who's da murderer)
Its reli fun la...must try all da games above...u wil get addicted and laugh till u roll on the ground..

Thursday, March 22, 2007

i'm tagged by Jordan. Each one starts out by telling 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write (in their own blog) 6 weird things as well and state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave each of them a comment letting them know you tagged them and the cycle goes on.

Well, here are the list of weird things about me...

  1. I am quite sensitive towards my surroundings. I can easily sense someone who acted weirdly or differently. I jux get to know la..Duno if its a gift or its bad..
  2. I am scare if people fight or argue in front of me.. I guess its trauma since small.. I jux scare that I might lose someone if the person I know quarrel.. even though i duno that person i dun hop to c people fighting or quarrel..
  3. I cant stand people crying. I wil cry together if I see.. So usually is during drama series time.. I owes watch drama alone at night and cry alone in my room.. Even though i thought of something sad or unhappy also i cry..
  4. I never reveal my true self to people around me.. Jux let people around me think who i m or wad i m.. I wil never explain much cos i think its useless.. so better keep to myself da truth..
  5. I suddenly become stupid and stubborn after my primary school..I also duno why.Because my results in secondary school reli drop alot..Its jux dun like me lor... my result wont be that bad..hehehe...
  6. I dun like smoke smell and also coffe smell..a few times, i gt headache because i smell coffee.. For ur info, i dun drink coffee also..hehehe..

know more about the tagged person...

Layer 1: on the outside..

Name: Judieth Ting (People usually dun get to pronounce my name because of an extra "e")

Birth Date: 7 days after Ee Sing's birthday and 400 days before Aldrin come out

Current Status: single.. I pray hard to find da one for me...

Eye colour: brown

Hair colour: dark brown colour

Righty or lefty: Right handed la...

Layer 2: on the inside..

My heritage: Mixture of Foochow and Henghua..

My fears: creepy things

My perfect pizza: pizza with overflowed content of cheese and mayonis..

Layer 3: yesterday, today, tomorrow..

My thoughts first waking up: what I shud do today

My bedtime: not sure but usually eye feel heavy after 12

My most missed memory: Playing 2gether wif cousins in my grandma house..

Layer 4: my pick..

Pepsi or Coke: Both also can

McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King for everything is large

Single or Group Dates: both also can

Adidas or Nike: Preferable Nike but Adidas also like...

Tea or Nestea: Tea

Chocolate or Vanilla: combination

Cappuccino or Coffee: I dun drink coffee

Layer 5: Do you..

Smoke: NO!!! i hate da most..

Drink alcohol: Yea...but not much...

Curse: yes...espeacially during anger time...but try to control..

Take a shower: of cos...

Have a crush: i don't really know if its a crush or not...

Think you've been in love: not so sure if tats cal in luv...

Go to school: of cos..if not i wont know hw to read

Want to get married: of course and build my own happy family.

Believe in yourself: yea but sometimes i jux dun trust myself tat much..

Think you're a health freak: not reli...hehehe...

Layer 7: have you ever..

Played a stripping game: no but seen before...

Change who you were to fit in: ever thought of but no cos luv to be myself... =p

Layer 8: Age you're hoping..

To be married: 25

Layer 9: In a guy..

Best eye colour: blue

Hair colour: natural will be nice..

Short hair or Long hair: not too long or too short..but hafta suit his face and style...

Layer 10: What were you doing..

A minute ago: online

An hour ago: had dinner+supper

4.5 Hours ago: choir practice

1 month ago: celebrated chinese new year

1 year ago: working at Rhema...hehe...

Layer 11: finish the sentences..

I love: God, my family and my frens...

I hate: people betray,dishonest n cheat me

I hide: my feelings owes...

I miss: shhh...its a cnt tel..

I need: rest and help...i m tired of tis life...n feels like giving up evrythg...

now, i'll have to tag r the lucky ones..







Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Jux now I went out wif ah yieng, eric and ee sing..we went jalan2 and buy some gift..we walk pass Yishion and went in..Ee sing try a shirt wif an was ah yieng's idea tat everyone try 1..but onli ee sing kena cos 2 late and shops r closing..look at tat 'haolien' da sickening..da shirt quite nice oh...its a couple shirt actually..its a love shape..hoping i wil wear a couple shirt wif my luv one someday...hahaha...

before tat we went to kfc to reminds me of Aldrin pulling da table without realising da sauce on da table and "piang!'...also, reminds me of Jason's birthday..

ah yieng: How was the food?Nice or not?
Jason: Taste like chicken..


recently i feel very weird...i got a feeling tat everything is not rite and seems to be different...i reli duno and confuse bout it..i m reli tired of it liao..but i guess tis wil hapen jux soon or later..but reli hop tat it wont hapen..evryone and evrything has change...not like b4 anymore..i reli pray hard tat tis doesnt hapen and yet its gonna hapen soon..i wonder is it ntg can b done anymore?izzit true tat i reli need to gif up?hop its nt an end for it..

Monday, March 19, 2007


Hi everyone...Finally get a blog of mine..Hehe...its jux an ordinary blog not like da others..

Actually its a long time since I wana create a blog but I jux cant update it always so i drag on till now..Still, I dunno if i will post blog tat often but wil try la..

Today is the foundation registration reminds me of last year wen i 1st enter Swinburne.Like the others, duno reli knw how and wad to do.Jux go and register lectures and tutorial groups.As i go in the library, i saw a dad sitting down and help the son to choose the lectures and tutorials. the son jux sit beside and look at it. Oh man.. i was thinking tat the guy wil turn 18 tis year and stil need da parent to do it for him. hw long he wana depend on the parents?(i dun mean financially) He shud do it himself..The life of people are too gud...Thinking back I need to use public bus home since I am primary 2 and hafta walk 2 tuition. Hw lucky are they compare to me...However, i m glad cos i m much more independant..Thanx mum and dad...

I din attend my accounting for success tutorial today.the lecturer thought i wana escape..hahaha..i dun feel well so go uni the law tute, shirley and ah yieng fall asleep in da class wen da lecturer talkin in front..n we r sitting in the 1st role some more..hahaha...during da Quantitative analysis lecture, i read somethg interesting frm someone to someone..hmm...i guess there is something between thm...guess i jux believe wd i was been told...hehehe...

*God has His own plan for each of us..Life is given by Him so we ought to live to glorify Him..