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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mo0nCaKe FeStiVaL~

This year mooncake festival is very meaningful to me as compare to the previous years..My church had a celebration at the Friendship Park, Swinburne Choir and Anime Club combined -Moonlight Fever

Mooncake Festival Celebration (22/09/2007)

I was call to act a humour sketch..Its somehow related to the mooncake story but its act in a funny style..All the actors make up their own conversation..Alot of people came but later, there is a heavy rain..Thank God for the rain.The rain was so heavy that people cannot go home that they all squeeze into the cafe house..And because of the rain, all of them are trapped there and they all stay there till the end of the event..

Too bad,Johnson, Ah Yieng, Melvin and Francis came late that night that when they came, the event almost ended. However, we all did play lantern.. This is the 1st time Johnson play lantern I guess.. He so shy ba.. Think that carrying a lantern is a very 'siasoi' matter..Hehe..

My costume for that night.Weird right?

Johnson, Ah Yieng, Francis and Me

Carrying Lantern..Look at Johnson's face, like papaya..

Mooncake Celebration in Swinburne (24/09/2007)

That day, everything was in a rush because we had short time to decorate and get things done.Thanks to everyone who help out in the auditoriun..I really appreciate your help..Special thanks to my committee..Thanks Gary (taking photos)..I m so sorry for the people waiting outside the auditoriun.I know its hot..The event starts at 8pm like tat,which is half hour later..However, everything goes well and everyone had a great time I guess..

At the entrance...

People setting down

Making Lantern time

Carrying Lantern

The international students




*Thanks for everyones support and help at that night..I really appreciate them..May God Continue Bless You All In Everything You Do!!

-->Happy Birthday Eric...