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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

i'm back...

finally..i m posting somethg...n got my laptop back..but now need 2 do QA assignment part B..

however, i wil try 2 post as many post i week going to Pulau Redang, Genting & KL wif family..i will brinng my laptop there..hehehe...and post blog so tat all of u can see da beauty of Pulau Redang...for your info,it was a package with

  1. 4 meals (Breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner)

  2. Acommodation

  3. activities (snookling, BBQ at beach, karaoke)

others not so will see in da post happy tat i'm gonna meet my nephew & niece again..also,can haf fun...duno how does it look like..perhaps somethingg like these:

I'm not sure sis tel me tat da resort we goin in da one Richie Ren shoot da movie i guess will be very nice...looking forward 2 go there...but I gt flu n sore throat sickening..hop can recover thn can haf alot of fun...


candyclarie said...

Finally a new post.
COoool .. pulau redang!! That day cuihan and i was just discussing about its beauty.

Envy u.. I tag along aso la. Hahah.
Go somewhere.. you should know what to do la horr.. Hehe. =P

saykhia said...

Jacq is so small-sized. Smuggle into a suitcase enough liao lar! Hahaha..

Eh, is Pulau Redang the island where they shot that old movie, "Summer Holidays"? The one with Ah Niu and Sammi Cheng one.

Eric said...

oh.. pulau redang.. reminds me of the movie also..

Johnson said...

oh man! BEACH!!!!!!!!!! I like that man! This is so cool! I never have a chance to go to such a beautiful CLEAN beach and sea. Unlike in kuching, only manage to enjoy those teh C-peng sea. Anyway, take many Photossss... and enjoy yourself there..!! I envy you la!