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Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a day is today....

Today is da new Foundation/Diploma March intake usual, Choir is performing..jux tat more new students compare to Jan intake..Before the performance, everyone was nervous i guess..take a look at these:

DURING THE PERFORMANCE!!!Look professional rite?

I was so wori for my members for cant get da tune rite...reli sweat...but we all did reli well...Me myself was surprise too...though some parts we dun do tat gud but its still gud..I owes believe tat they can do they did it...


See all the nice pretty and handsome smile after the performance...We are happy because we finish performing and there are alot of people who are interested to join our big family(choir)..

*Honestly...I love tis big family...

Also, dun forget that today is Shirley's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY!!! All of us gathered at her house round 8pm...the people who attended are:

  • Laura
  • Aldrin
  • Eric
  • Keith
  • Stewart
  • Thomas
  • Jacqueline
  • Johnson
  • Ah Yieng
  • ME...
Laura went back early...after the cake cutting...the others stay back and we played a few nice games...The games we played are:
  • Symbol game wif everyone haf their own symbol (Keith won tis..)
  • Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng....(Ee Sing won...tis is reli fun!try it..)
  • Hand tapping (Aldrin won tis..Oh man!!reli hafta concentrate wen u play tis la..)
  • Murderer (da murderer kill by blinking eyes to citizens and police hafta find out who's da murderer)
Its reli fun la...must try all da games above...u wil get addicted and laugh till u roll on the ground..


Eric said...

totally contradict to the proverb "kill people without blinking eye"..

saykhia said...

The "AA" part really chao sia until cannot chao sia. But let's not tell anyone ya? =P Shhh...

I learnt some new party games that night. Hohoho. Really enjoyed them.

JuDiEtH said...

hahaha...dare 2 say again..ok..we keep quiet la..but aldrin,we hafta learn from mistake and perform better next time..we need to improve..

da games was reli nice tat i feel like playing them again..hahaha...