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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo

Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo is located at 17miles away from Kuching City (around 20mins driving). This is the admission ticket that you have to wear it on your wrist. For your information (For Sarawakian):
  • Adult: RM8
  • Children: RM5
From somewhere else not so sure because did not take notice. It is slightly more expensive but I can say it is a good experience.

Admission Ticket

Crocodile Skull

There is a section display news and stories about crocodile attacking human. There are photos as well. (Didnt take. Forget. Hehe...) Process from an egg till a crocodile and also the growing of crocodile is also displayed.



Giant Fish (Really gigantic)


Huge turkey from New Guinea (I think its a turkey. Its almost my height.)



Sun Bear

White Crocodile

Huge Crocodile (Bujang Suding)

We are on time to watch the crocodile feeding (3pm). The feeding will be held every 4 hours later.

Approaching and targeting the meat

Lets take a look at the video. Sorry if the video cannot be viewed.

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