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Hi!Hows life going on recently? Do not give up if you're facing some problems.. Be thankful and appreciate of what you have now.. Handle all your worries unto Jesus! He'll guide and guard you through it for He is AWESOME... Trust in Him and He shall LEAD you through it.. Be Happy Always!! Live in Joy!! Have a Blessed Day...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New start!!

It's been awhile since I update my blog..Alot of things has changed..People, matters, situation and lots more..Swinburne has changed too..bigger campus with more classrooms but stil the facilities are the same..2nd week the classrooms door cannot access..light kept blinking..the air-cond so noisy..what to do?subsidise by government ma..what to expect?

Well..It's a new start I think..perhaps I jux hafta get myself used to it..especially people..things has changed..It's nt like b4 anymore..people start trying to avoid everything, scare themselves get into troubles, less smile or greetings, act like stranger, only 'hi' and 'bye'.....I am really disappointed, sad and hurt...who cares right?

Anyway, this is a stage that everyone is going through..Its jux the mater of time (late or early)..Maybe it's good thought from God to let me start a new life..too many unhapi maters happen..I need to live my own life..

It's ok..It's stil the best to hang on with my own principal..Enjoy life! Live to the fullest! Dont ever let people get the chance to hurt U.. Anything jux keep to urself cos nobody cares too..

Sometimes jux so call 'friends', but they do not know wad a fren should or should not do.. Never care or ask..Haih..

Well..jux need a new start..Yay!don't hafta care so much bout other people..they wont know and wont understand as well..

*Don't know when will post the next post..haha..


kacwey said...

thats the spirit judieth!
Aja Aja Fighting!
Nama Saya Rain!

You can do it : )

JuDiEtH said...

Haha..thanx..jux kinda disappointed with them..Hehe..its ok stil goes on..I thk they all bcome more conservative liao la..duno y..

Joe said...

Hey ya, Judieth. Reli long time din c ya..haha. Hope u have a smooth journey in ur life but u noe la sometimes got a few bumps on the way. C when can we hang out during the year end holidays. Take good care n b strong ok. C ya ;)