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Monday, August 6, 2007

>>>> National Parade...

Last Saturday got National Parade. The parade starts from Jubilee Ground to Padang Merdeka.. I was so glad to be in the parade.. This is the 1st time I join the parade.. Usually I am only the spectator... This year have the opportunity to join, I feel so glad can be part of da participant.. I represent Swinburne University of Technology.. We have 2 groups of people in 1 contingent.. One group from the Anime Club with their fantastic anime costumes & one is from the Swinburne Choir Club...

Present to you!!!

The Anime & manga society...COSPLAY!!

You must be thinking what choir club doin there..sing? If sing, how?


This is what we do... STOMPing!!!!!

That day parade was a success that Swinburne's staffs & management were happy for our performane..Great job JUNKERS & COSPLAYERS!!! You will never thought how much fun we had no matter during our practise or during the parade..Its really a wonderful experience..We, Junkers do not have any drum background can play some drumbeats after a month plus of hard practise..

JUNKERS...I really appreciate your hard work..

That cannot imagine la...We have to dance before we perform and also after we perform..Jordan stand in front of us leading us do some simple dance steps..The most unexpected thing is that the lecturers who join us more actice than the us,teenagers...Can u imagine that??They dance & shake together with us..Some shake even better than us...WOW!!!They are really sporting la...In the campus they just stand in front of the lecture hall,take a microphone and start lecturing..This is really the other side of them..Its unexpectaed.

For more info about the parade,visit Johnson's blog for he posted alot about the parade. There are videos and pictures before and during our performance..


saykhia said...

It's not 'National Parade'. Supposed to be 'City Day Parade'. National Day belum sampai lagi.

Kevina said...

Good words.