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Hi!Hows life going on recently? Do not give up if you're facing some problems.. Be thankful and appreciate of what you have now.. Handle all your worries unto Jesus! He'll guide and guard you through it for He is AWESOME... Trust in Him and He shall LEAD you through it.. Be Happy Always!! Live in Joy!! Have a Blessed Day...

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

*Sob sob.. >>My Poor Result

I knew my result on Monday (23/07/2007) around 11pm. I was so shock and sad about my own result. I didnt expect that I will do that badly. I know I do better than that but what to do? It has already become a fact. I failed ONE subject!! This made me into deep thought...

I feel guilty towards my parents for paying my fees and hate myself for doin so badly. Perhaps my teacher is right. I am too playful. I dunno if thats my limit or I just do not work hard enough. My teacher told me when I went back and see them on Tuesday morning, 'Judieth you should do alot better. It's just that you are too playful.' Actually my mood was not good at that time but I acted I am okay and stil joke around with my teachers. Her words really like slap me awake. A voice in me said that 'You can be better and just that you are not serious enough'. I guess I had do my best in my exams gua..maybe just a little last minute..

Now I felt that I am so far away from my friends. They do so good in their exams (especially the engineering friend). Congratulations friends!! I felt that I am nothing when compare to you all. Perhaps I really looked down on myself now. I felt that you all are like stars in the sky. I can see you all but you guys are so far away that I cannot reach you people. Actually starting from Degree 1st semester you guys are already like the clouds in the sky (so hard to reach) but now you guys are like the stars far far away from me.

I decided to work hard from the beginning of the semester. I wanna know my real limit is how much. Am I only this stupid or wad...Guess you all are gonna see a new me in coming semester. I wanna do well in my studies on my coming semester. Stop thinking about stupid things and get carried up by some matters, less going out and spend time in the library revising my studies.



pmp said...

No worries girl. University life is not as hard as you think. Just enjoy yourself and in the same time work hard for it. You can make it through. Just never repeat the same mistake again.

'I can do everything through him who gives me strength.'
Philippians 4:13

Jia You o

'raiNy' said...

Hi..Judieth!Be strong ya..
I'm same wit u..I also failed my 1 subject in tis sem..T.T I felt sad when i heard tat from my friend n couldn't sleep at tat nite..But now,I promise to myself tat i must study hard at my next sem...must get better grade!Don't wan make my parents disappointed wit me again!=D So, u also cia you o,,hehe We must do our BEST,ok!^^

candyclarie said...

U did ur best. At least u tried. Just have to work harder next sem. No more disappointment next time. Stay strong gal!

Judieth boleh! =D

JuDiEtH said...

thanz all..I reli wil discipline myself lo..less goin out and hafta be serious and work hard..

Esther said...

Dont give up yea! you can do it;) Have faith in you:)
Hold on and God will once again pull u up and you will be even more mature:)

Crystalbelle said...

Kampate! We will always be with you. We work hard together next semester. =)

shirley said...

I have already see a new you yesterday, haha. Really different. I believe u really can do it if u r determined to.

Judieth jia you!

~Laura~ said...

JIA YOU!!!!!! =) dun blame urself too much... Work extra hard next sem den!!!