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Hi!Hows life going on recently? Do not give up if you're facing some problems.. Be thankful and appreciate of what you have now.. Handle all your worries unto Jesus! He'll guide and guard you through it for He is AWESOME... Trust in Him and He shall LEAD you through it.. Be Happy Always!! Live in Joy!! Have a Blessed Day...

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Friday, April 13, 2007

2moro accounting test lor...

2moro aldrin, avery, eric, keith, stewart, jordan them are goin for badminton again..recently i dun join for last week go 'cheng beng' and 2moro got accounting has been quite long since i play badminton da last time..nw so worried for my test...because dun reli haf confident..and always make careless the way i havent finish my revision...i started to doubt if i make the right choice major in accounting..haiz~

*Ah Yieng,Shirley,Jacqueline and others..Gambateh!!All the best..

2day's life was quite dull and like usual..jux kinda bored and lonely...I duno wad my life's like nw..I feel tat everyday jux passed like tat..go university study,meet frens thn come back..someitmes jux alone when everyone duno disappear where...actually starting from tis semester, my life was like tat..I dun really haf mood lor..mayb because of some changes..kinda sien wif my current life..I dun really tell people bout tis for I guess no one is interested and nobody cares so much too...sometimes i wonder wad would i be after few years studying in Swinburne??

Swinburne Night coming soon..Look forward for tat night for never been to Swinburne Night before...

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